The Best Microwave Oven Desserts

Anyone with a sweet tooth can suddenly crave brownies, cakes, or cookies nearly any time of the day. How does one go about satisfying that craving at home or at the office, on a budget or with zero baking skills? If you want to make something homemade, the best ones to make are desserts with a microwave oven. So easy and quick!

Microwave oven desserts are very fun and easy to make and the best parts about it is it can be just one serving (No sharing. Just for you!) and you could have your delicious treat in just a few minutes. These desserts require only a few ingredients, which makes it easy on the budget.

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Making dessert yourself at home also means it’ll all be up to you—you can add extra ingredients to the mix, or add toppings. You can make it even tastier by adjusting the amount of ingredients you put. It makes a truly fun experience!

Some desserts can range from healthy to sinful, so it’s all up to you which one you pick. All of them are delicious nonetheless.

• Molten Lava Nutella Cake
• Blueberry Muffin in a Mug
• French Toast
• Banana Bread
• Spiced Pumpkin Mug Cake
• Cheesecake

Since these desserts are quick to make, they can make a very great snack for you and your guests or for children and their friends when they’re over to play. Everyone can enjoy these delectable treats in the afternoon, or after dinner.

It’s great to know that microwaves aren’t just for reheating leftovers or making popcorn. Put your powerful appliance to good use and make some dessert! So what are you waiting for? Go satisfy that craving for your sweet tooth, and go enjoy it with your friends and family. You can fool anyone into thinking you have the skills of a pro baker!

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Best Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are a must-have beauty tool, and like most things, the technology changes all the time. For fabulous and on trend hair, you want to have the latest and the best hair dryers you can get while saving some money too.
2017 saw a lot of new hairdryers being brought to market. But which ones came out on top?

BaByliss released their 5548U Dry and Curl Diffuser Hair Dryer for around the £23 mark. Described as being perfect for girls with curls; the diffuser included is perfect for enhancing those beautiful bounces.

BaByliss also brought out their SalonLight 2100 model, that has been praised for the speed in which you can dry most types of hair. It’s lightweight, too, so you can style with ease and comfort.

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If you’re unfortunate enough to be like me and have seemingly uncontrollable frizz, then look no further than the Nicky Clarke frizz control hairdryer. It’s powerful and easy to use leaves you with a shiny and salon-quality finish without the price tag to go with it! Definitely the best buy for 2017. 

John Freida, the Frizzy Ease guru’s themselves, also brought out a dryer to take that wild mane; the Frizz Ease Salon shine dryer. It comes with a diffuser to enhance natural curls, and leave you looking ready for a night on the town or a strut down the catwalk.

GHD, known for their world-class hair straighteners, brought out a hair dryer that claims to straighten while it dries. The GHD Air Hair Dryer has similar technology to their infamous straighteners and will give you beautifully straight hair using a wide nozzle attachment. Though a bit more pricey than some of its competitors, retailing at around £99, it appears to be worth paying that bit extra for a professional finish.

2017 saw plenty of dryers being released to suit all types of hair. Whether you want to enhance your curls or have beautifully sleek hair, you’re covered!

Written by: MissHannahBerry

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Free Online Games for Whoever Wants Them

With the evolution of technology, people are continually presented with all sorts of new opportunities for entertainment. The best source for most enjoyable ways of entertainment at home is the Internet. From movies and music to games and virtual communities, the Internet provides the medium for all kinds of having fun and relaxing. Pretty much everything can be done over the Internet these days, and when we are not talking about conducting businesses or communicating, the Internet is mostly used for games.

Gamers of all ages have free access to games of all kinds, from arcade, adventure, racing and shooting games to poker games, casino games, puzzles and word games. All it takes is that you have a computer and a broadband connection, and find a specialised website. Some game websites have a huge variety of games, so you will definitely have what to choose from. All you have to do is become a member and play all you want. These websites are usually very user-friendly, so getting around on such a site should be fairly easy, even for beginners. If you are relatively new to this kind of entertainment, you can use the ranking s that most websites display for the most popular games, and take your pick.

Some people are into online games for fun, while others like them for the thrill they get while playing them. Others see online games as a means of escaping daily routine and relaxing, even if they play for a short period of time. Whatever your reasons for playing online games or your preferences may be, there is at least one free online game that you will find enjoyable. Free shooting games, for instance, are extremely popular for a variety of reasons. What gamers probably appreciate the most about the free online shooting games is that they have the opportunity to go to combat against virtual opponents, or become the heroes they have always dreamt of becoming, by saving the world from alien invasion, or any other type of mission. Watching live action on a movie screen can be very exciting for some people, especially when they hear the sound effects. But when they get to participate in that action, it becomes all the more thrilling. This is probably why so many people prefer free online shooting games before anything else. However, some people are totally against violence in any form, especially when it comes to games for their children. And since certain programs on television and some of the computer games are thought of influencing children and being partly responsible for their abnormal behaviour, it is only understandable why parents dismiss them from the start. But free online shooting games are far from being the only kind of games that can be played online. There are all sorts of other free online games available on many websites, and some of them can be quite educational, or at least harmless.

The free online puzzle games that you can play on specialised websites are a good example. This type of games engages your memory and stimulates your intuition. Be it sudoku games, reversi games, block buster games or any other game of this category, the free online puzzle games are a great way to relax and have a lot of fun.

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